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The founder of IWC Replica Schaffhausen is an American pioneering spirit. From the beginning of 1868, the development of the Swiss watchmaking factory has been leading the tabulation process is extremely complex, constantly watchmaking precision created new standards. Wan Guobiao is known as "high-end watches engineers", specializes in manufacturing men's watch. Classic style with clever design, elegant and sophisticated, the operation is extremely simple - this is the famous iwc.

Inscribed on the dial "Schafhausen Swiss IWC", but this world-famous watch factory has set up shop in a rural town on the banks of the Rhine River, and many people puzzled. As the site away from the famous Swiss watchmaking center, coupled with the name on the IWC and unlike Swiss Replica Watches Corporation, make people curious about their origins. American youth from the Boston foluolunting, Ariosto a. Jones, is a full of pioneering spirit, ambitious and keen commercial antennae watchmakers. In the boat across the Atlantic, his mind has a perfect plan. He uses modern American production machinery, manufacturing highly accurate watch movements, and at that time in the low wage economy set off a Swiss watch revolution. Jones in 1868 in Switzerland Schafhausen entrepreneurship, the establishment of IWC Replica, the local became the cradle of watchmaking innovation and precision. In the not far from the Rhine waterfall, this new watch factory in the use of water to modernize production.

Jones is the founder of the pioneering spirit, passion ambition, laid the cultural foundation of Wanguo table factory. On Wan Guobiao's engineer, watches itself more than the precise time more fascinating, they like the idea of bold innovation, efforts to study the accuracy and innovative design, therefore, 140 years, has made great contribution for the development of IWC fake watch industry. Technology in the field of professional tabulation, technology innovation, Schafhausen, to watch enthusiasts praise. IWC watch includes original chaozhuo complex watch series, Da Vince watch series and the Portuguese watch series. The pilots watch series, engineers watch series and marine chronograph watch series, belong to the traditional watch. The series uses the design of sports / practical, with stainless steel or titanium metal watchcase, the most suitable for people who love sports daily wear.

The great development of IWC watch engineer on innovation and invention, technological innovation and watch industry with great iwc replica watches enthusiasm, become power of IWC forward. In 1885, the Swiss watchmaking factory in Eastern only developed the first paragraph with digital display watch, caused a sensation in the world. In 1889, around the watchmaking factory launched fierce competition, and strive to create the first only wear in the hands of the watch, in the meantime, IWC talent showing itself, to become the global manufacturing leader watch series. "Based in Schaffhausen, scan the world" is a form of state with creed, IWC although located far away from the tabulation center town, still firmly occupy the leading position. In order to meet the special needs and specializes in the manufacture of special watches, Swiss Schafhausen team has been the most willing to accept challenges, such as manufacturing for the Royal Air Force pilot Mark antimagnetic eleven, become the industry legend, and for the Navy, the railway company and the divers R & D special gauge, for the IWC to win the "innovative thinking inventor" reputation.